Radhika Rangarajan

Data viz enthusiast,Tableau CA & Mainframe developer

Radhika Rangarajan

Hello My name is Radhika Rangarajan and I am a Tableau Desktop Certified Associate & data viz enthusiast.

I completed Computer Science Engineering course from Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai,India.

I worked in Banking , Insurance and Telecom domains as a Mainframe Application Developer.

This work involved dealing with huge amount of data, analyzing & creating reports out of them. This spurred my interest towards data analytics & data visualization.

My husband & I who are huge football fans wanted to learn some data analytics and viz tool to analyze premier league data. What started as fun turned in to passion. I learnt Tableau and completed the Tableau CA exam. I participate in Tableau community challenges and love creating vizzes.I am an avid learner and believe "while we teach, we learn". I hope through my courses we all can learn and grow together.