Rachel Joy Olsen

Author, Plant-based nutrition, fitness and yoga expert

Rachel Joy Olsen, BSc., MBA  believes that whole food nutrition and living a compassionate lifestyle is the secret to healthy bliss. Her passion is to inspire people to embrace ultimate health and wellness as their number one priority and achieve the life they desire.

She is the author of The Magic of Living Nutrition book series, Morgan’s Journey, founder of RJO Wellness Coaching and Academy and co-founder of The Veggie Babes.

Rachel is a holistic lifestyle coach, weight management and exercise specialist, certified raw vegan nutritionist and chef, who inspires people to embrace their health by loving themselves and living the life they desire.  Rachel offers online and in-person coaching program, workshops and whole food nutrition supplements to assist her clients on their journey to a magical life.

She has developed her love for speaking through her passion to teach and inspire people about health and wellness. She has made a few appearances on Global TV in Calgary, Alberta and has contributed many articles to print including the Vegan Health and Fitness magazine and more.

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