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Pro Music Producers provides music production courses for Ableton. Our five tutors, will guide through the lectures in a fast and precise teaching style. We have over ten year experience in producing Electronic Dance Music.

We started teaching Ableton in 2010 and since then, we constantly improved our courses in relation to the feedback we received from our students. We found out that the most productive and efficient teaching style is dividing the course in quick 10 minutes episodes.

These episodes are designed to cover the production process behind a specific genre: deep house, tech house, disco, electro house, trance or progressive. The techniques explained in the course are ranging from simple drum tricks and percussion patterns to advanced vocal editing, bassline and chord progression. The episodes are straight to the point, with high quality narration and subtitles. Each episode is independent so you can take the course in any order you want.

Also, students will have access to the Ableton Live Templates, VST Presets, audio samples and loops used to demonstrate the techniques. The students can interact with these materials in order to fully recreate the track presented or to produce their own ideas. We will offer you full support along the course.

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