Dr. Preston Ray Tuley, Esq.

Attorney and Instructor

My name is Preston Ray Tuley, Esq. and I am a philosopher, writer, attorney, educator, tutor, and philanthropist. My educational background includes a Juris Doctorate and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. I learned a lot through 8+ years of college and even more in the real work practical experience of the workplace… in many different capacities in business.

To tell you a bit about my background: I went to law school in Florida, (Orlando, to be exact) at the Florida A&M University College of Law… I passed the bar exam on my first attempt, and presently I am working as a Florida Attorney in my own small boutique law firm. I work for myself and I am licensed to practice in our state courts (which means I may handle any type of case under Florida's case law jurisdiction.) I handle family law cases, personal injury cases, criminal cases, etc.

I am also licensed in the Middle District of Florida Federal Court, where I handle federal matters such as bankruptcy cases.

In my spare time I write educational books, supplements, I tutor law students, and I always work to continue my education.

I enjoy teaching students the law, and counselling students on business and professional subject matters. My ability to communicate complicated information in a practical and easy to digest manner is, I believe, my greatest gift.

I live in Florida with my wife and my little dog too.

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