Prescott Indigo-Finn, MBA

Social selling author, digital denizen and tech strategist.

How has technology changed your world in the last 15 years?

That's a question which fascinates me in the extreme. I live and breathe social media, dive deep to ferret out the best practices of social selling and seek ways to make the most of sharing economy platforms like Udemy and Fiverr. As co-founder of Learning Resource Group, I'm keenly interested in how technology makes it possible learn more, learn faster and walk away with more practical, actionable skills.

How will technology change your world in the next 15?

I want to share the fruits of my obsessive questioning and persistent experimentation with you. The world's changing fast, and sometimes it just takes a few key insights to get more out of the tools available to you. I draw on my MBA training, background in learning and development, and professional experience in IT sales, deployment, support and training to craft high-relevance Udemy courses as a means of sharing my expertise.

How can you take advantage of that today?

I invite you to check out my growing number of courses and visit my blog or say hello on Twitter. I look forward to the opportunity to help you accomplish more personally and professionally in today's rapidly changing world.

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