Prem Chand

Engineer, Film Maker and Web Designer. A Multipotentialite.


I'm Prem and i am a multipotentialite. If you don't know what that means and want to know more , just google it. It is a fancy word for someone who is interested in vastly different areas and industries.  We have been told from a young age,either to find our passion and stick to it, or to get a job. I believe that is bad advice in this exponentially advancing digital world, because there is so much out there that you will be passionate about and want to work for. For example, you could be a programmer who also likes to play guitar professionally. I believe that you can do both, if you carefully manage your time. 

About Me :

I am interested in many areas and i strive to learn as much as i can about each of them, and so should you if you think you are a multipotentialite too. If not, that is fine too! We need all kinds of people :) 

Here is what i have done so far in life:

>> Born in the 90's. Grew up in a middle class family, in the tropical paradise, called Kerala. Google it.

>> Was put into the regular school system, just like most kids. We did not know any other route, and neither did our parents.

>> Went to University. Studied Civil Engineering, and then took my Masters in Computer Applications and another masters in Structural Engineering and Construction Management. 

>> Worked at a big construction company in India, as a Structural Engineer. I liked the work, but i wanted to do a lot more. I am a high-energy person. I worked for about 8 hours a day, and was bored for the rest of the day because i did not have much else to do. Therefore, I started learning about whatever i was interested in. 

>> Interests include : Software, Programming and Web Development, Business, Marketing, Graphic Design. Cinema, Video and Audio Production, VFX, 3D Modelling and Animation, Advertising, Music and Fine arts. 

>> So, with all these interests, i could not confine myself to just a day job. I went and worked in the Kerala Film Industry. Started out as a set assistant, worked later as a Focus Puller, Assistant Cameraman, Worked in post production as a VFX artist, and then became an assistant director and right when i was about to plan my first directorial project, my family immigrated to Canada, and later, I came along.

>> Restarting everything here in the west. What i've learned; Time is the most valuable asset. When you indulge in any activity, ask yourself this; " Could i be doing something better?"

Over the course of the next 5 years, i intend to create atleast 30 courses, spanning every area that i have studied and worked in.

 Take a look at what i have created, enroll and leave a feedback :) Thanks for reading :)

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