Praveen Sagar

Chess Trainer

If you desire to invest in your child’s mental & intellectual growth, there is no better tool to facilitate that development than scholastic chess.

Whether you dream of your child entering academics, creative arts, sports, business or professional service, give your child this gift of lifelong learning & development. You’ll be surprised how far flung and long lasting the impact can be.

ZugZwang Chess School offers online group sessions, one-to-one Skype sessions, as well as onsite classroom sessions. Our trainers with over 10+ years of coaching experience are equipped to provide the optimal learning method for each student of different levels; right from Beginner to Advanced.

We set rating targets as well as specific goals & milestones for each student and track their progress throughout their learning cycle.

Praveen Sagar works as a full-time chess coach & mentor at the ZugZwang Chess School and has over 5+ years of experience in teaching beginners & intermediate players how to be a better Chess player.