Senior Business Analyst Prateek Pareek

Engineer and MBA Graduate

I am an engineer and an MBA graduate and i have experience in various areas like web development, digital marketing, big data and analytics. I have good working knowledge of tools like WordPress, microsoft excel, R programming and digital marketing. I currently work as a senior analyst with an analytics firm. I am based out in Bangalore, India. Teaching is one of my hobbies and i want to share my knowledge using Udemy's platform to reach many students worldwide who can benefit from my knowledge. My other interests are sports, movies, personality development books and videos and motivation lectures. I am also very much interested in entrepreneurship and i have worked on 3 businesses till now. 2 of them were non profit and one was for profit. In my first venture, named "Young Scientists" i created a lot of science experiments to promote hands on learning of science among school students and organised around 100 workshops in schools and residential societies. I consider this as one of the best work i have done till now. I got to learn a lot. Currently i have also started a blog named to write about my learning in the analytics domain and share this knowledge with those who are looking for a career in this industry.

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