Prateek has an Online Tutoring experience of more than a year. He was working as Engineer in one of the famous MNCs in this field when he came to know about an Online Tutoring website through one of his friends. Since then Prateek has explored this area to a great extent and has mastered the art of Online Tutoring. Prateek has explored various online tutoring websites in this last one year and as per him Online Tutoring market is growing at a very fast rate and going forward it is going to be one of the leading industries of the world. Online Tutoring is bringing in a big revolution in the whole Education System and has great opportunities for everyone.

He says that if everyone is made aware of Earning possibilities which Online Tutoring has to offer, and is given proper guidance, then Online Tutoring has the power to reduce unemployment to a great extent. Online Tutors can make from $35,000 to $ 50,000 per annum if they take this opportunity seriously and learn the art of Online Tutoring. Prateek's first course on Udemy is all about Online Tutoring, the various popular Online Tutoring websites, how to apply in an Online Tutoring website, the Mistakes that one should not make in the initial phase as an online tutor. This course will also make everyone believe that there is demand for almost everything in the online tutoring market , students are ready to get any possible help from an online tutor in their subjects ranging from maths, science to foreign languages,music, fitness etc. Prateek wants to make it clear to the people that "It's not that only experts can teach, the fact is anybody can teach, there is demand for everything, and tutoring is more of like an art than the expertise." Through his first course, Prateek aims to make everyone comfortable and believe that "Yes,They can Teach and Make Honest and Respectful Living Online through Tutoring."

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