Practical Business Workshops

Hands-On Workshops For Business and Marketing

Practical Business Workshops offers hands-on business and marketing workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs. The series includes courses on traditional business planning and marketing, online marketing systems (e.g., SEO [Search Engine Optimization] strategies, keyword research, platforming, etc.), and automated business practices.


Dr. Alfonso has launched and runs several other micro businesses, including thinkPhilosophy (philosophical adventures into questions of truth, goodness, and beauty);Alfonso Photography (architectural and landscape photography); and Planteaterbooks (publishing materials that sustain and celebrate the vegan lifestyle). She has a Ph.D. in Philosophy and taught for ten years before leaving academia to pursue her dream of becoming an independent business owner. Combining her teaching experience and business savvy, she here offers practical business and marketing workshops under the Practical Business Workshops banner.

"I consider myself very lucky because, when I was considering leaving academia to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams, I quickly found an excellent business incubator program where I first began to learn how to write a business plan. This community also gave me the support I needed to get my passion project off the ground, and thinkPhilosophy was born and became self-sustaining.

From the start, I had imagined thinkPhilosophy as a two year project exploring how to bring philosophy out of academic cloisters, and the project now lives on in the hearts of those who participated, and as a course on how to run the philosophy salons that I ran under that name.

After a couple of years, I was ready to start my next venture, which was Alfonso Photography, a more traditional, service based business. But I soon ran into the problem that many service providers run into, namely that (being human), one is limited in how many clients one can take on by time. This is when I began rethinking things.... Planteaterbooks was born of a desire to build a business that was a passion project, scalable, and that could be automated.

I have now successfully gotten three kinds of businesses off the ground -- a nonprofit, a service based business, and an automated, information based business -- and have learned a lot along the way! Practical Business Workshops is my way of passing on what I have learned to others beginning their entrepreneurial adventures.

Whatever their project, I hope the aspiring entrepreneur will find these workshops provide the tools and inspiration they need to realize their entrepreneurial dreams."

-Dr. Alfonso, Practical Business Workshops

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