Port Medic

Global Voluntary Health Consulting Clinic

Port Medic has been founded in 2002 by a group of Obstetrics and Gynaecology doctors and specialists in Switzerland. Main purpose of the group is providing guidelines, consultancies and recipes for a healthy life for people.

Group also aims to give free treatment to the patients who have low power of income and needs special health assistance.

Following services are provided by Port Medic to people who seek information for a reasonable price and free treatment to patients who have low level of income. Since group has been founded as a voluntary group, most of the revenues generated by the guidelines, recipes or other services of the group are managed to provide free treatment services for patients require a proper treatment but have low level of income.

Following are services provided by Port Medic Clinic:

-Recipes, guidelines and articles for a healthy life

-Organizing seminars, conferences, meetings to illuminate people

-Giving free treatment for people who have low level of income level

-Providing best practices for most seen health problem cases