PMH Digital was set up for two main reasons.

After a number of years in technical operations, and production management within the professional entertainments industry, the Director and founder of PMH Digital then went on to work in Technical Sales and business development for around 25 years.

During those years there became the desperate search to escape the typical 9 to 5 rat-race and the daily grind.   This search was made much more urgent due to the stress and subsequent illness often caused through work related issues.

After a number of years there also became the sudden realisation that life is too short, and not only was induced ill health through work stress unacceptable, but with a young family to look after, there had to be some significant lifestyle changes before it became too late, both mentally and physically.

And so, after a lot of searching, endless webinars and research, plus paying for extra education such as diplomas in digital marketing, and social media marketing; it became obvious that by embracing digital opportunities, it was finally possible to escape the daily grind, and create a new positive direction.

So therefore, PMH Digital was setup initially to create that escape and new lifestyle for ourselves, but also so that we could give something back to others perhaps stuck in similar situations trying to find a new lifestyle, and so our goal is to use the experience of our own journey to assist and mentor others, hopefully to help others shortcut their own journey.

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