I used to be a Constructor-Engineer in telecoms, but then I was much more interested in fighting communism in my native Poland. Then I spent 11 years in Sweden, doing lots of things and also studying History and such. I also got fascinated by programming and the great love of my life - the Amiga computer. Then I returned to Poland. Now I live from translating jobs, self-publishing and online marketing. 

I wrote two non-fiction books that had some success in Poland, I run a respected blog, also in Polish. I'm a great fan of Monteverdi, Buck Owens, Oswald Spengler and Robert Ardrey. Plus a couple of others like them. I managed to learn a few foreign languages and I like learning them. Similar situation is with playing musical instruments. I do a lot of physical fitness stuff and I'm still very interested in Martial Arts and Combatives/Self Defence.

I'm a walking promotion for a (pretty much) cured dyslexia and a couple of othe controversial things. To make the long story short I'm ending, for now, this autobiography.

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