Pierre Kenal Louis

Founder, Designer and Blogger at Kenalsworld


Pierre Kenal Louis is a freelance graphic designer, musician, visual artist and more. Pierre graduated high school in 2008 at 17 years of age and started doing graphic design the same year following his graduation. He is a student that enjoyed visual art forms of drawing and painting that transitioned into the graphic design field of art.

Pierre has 4 years experience in graphic design and a deep portfolio of high quality work that express professional quality designs. He have experience in logo composition, flyer design, poster design, album cover design and many more sub-categories relating to what graphic design represents. Currently a student also majoring in Electronic Imaging and Media Arts, he also focuses on several other art forms and blogging. Pierre is a skillful graphic designer that has a vision for what professional and quality designs should be composed of.

In 2010 he formed a business under Kenalsworld LLC which led to him creating an online blog and portfolio website kenalsworld. 

In 2011 Pierre Kenal Louis as a freelancer designed and help brand a small independent label called Ark Music Factory that was based in Los Angeles, California. The work Pierre composed for the company included the company’s original black and grey vinyl logo, website design, social network designs, artist single covers and more.

Pierre’s most recognized work is a single cover done for a viral artist named Rebecca Black, who went viral in 2011 under the label’s release of her music video on YouTube for a song called “Friday”. The video received as high as 165 million views and peeked to the top 15 on iTunes before being taken down due to a fuel and internal conflict between Rebecca Black and the indie label.   

Some of Pierre’s other works have been displayed in Harvard University’s halls for professional conferences, published online by many independent musicians, and are floating all across the web.

Join the artist in his courses to learn how to create works that will draw attention and land you the jobs you seek as a professional graphic designer.

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