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As a French speaking English professional, I am a pure product of France's upward social mobility.

Starting from a mediocre and a rather poor general academic level and mostly thanks to scholarships, I have gained an education in 3 high level and prestigious French schools.

These prestige university-level (post)graduate colleges, we call “grandes écoles" (great schools) here in France. For instance: HEC Paris Business School (second best Master in Management in the world according to The Financial Times) and ENA French School of Government.

Since the start of my career, I had to speak in public quite often.

And nevertheless, I was a mediocre, a below-average, a shy public speaker !!

So I trained myself intensely, attending various public speaking courses. And coined my own method. Then I started in my turn training many French professionals for a better communication.

Today, I'm willing to share with you my professional experience and help you to improve your communication skills.

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