Pierre Rylands

Guru technician at udemy

Hi there and welcome, i'm Pierre and i would like to share with you how learning to create and develop unique and dynamic websites has changed my life. I was just like you one upon a time, curious about how a websites works but i had no idea where to begin. in my mind i though i would have to learn hundreds of pages of code in order to develop my very first website. Little did i know that wordpress allows you to create and develop unique and dynamic websites with out knowing any code at all.

but having said that if you really want to succeed in the web development sector you would have to learn code at some point in time.

knowing how to create and develop websites is a true benefit towards your life, it will help you understand how and why programming works.

Here's the beauty of it all, you don't need to be famous or some kind of rocket scientist to learn code, all you need is determination and faith in your abilities.

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