Pierfrancesco Ros

Master Feng Shui

Pierfrancesco Ros is the founder of the Italian Academy of Feng Shui since 1998, an international organization devout to the teaching of the Feng Shui Architecture, comprehending several ancient and modern metaphysic disciplines in the furnish sphere, as Feng Shui, Geobiology, Bioarchitecture, Colour, furnish psychology, … This knowledge was elaborated in an architectonic key thanks to the taste and the deep cultural consistency given by the Italian basin, from which the Academy comes from.

Furthermore,  he is the founder of the Holistic Architecture Studio, an international  organization working in consultancy and planning all over the world.

Pierfrancesco  Ros is officially acknowledged as Feng Shui Master at an expert level by the  Chinese Feng Shui Masters descent. With the  final acknowledgment of the “Gold merit” he entered himself in the 73°  generation of direct descent of the Masters of Classic Chinese Lineage founded  by the G.Master Lau, the direct disciple of the G.G. Master Yang Yun Sung (834  – 900 A.C.).

He is the author of several books of this sphere.

Founder of  the cinematographic seat divulgating all the series of video courses on line of  Feng Shui Architecture, translated in three languages that are obtaining  success and a deep interest all over the world.

He organizes study  travels all over the world: China,  Japan, Europe and South America.

Furthermore,  he is a regular guest in several radio and TV meetings. Pierfrancesco  Ros wrote several articles in the main specialized magazines

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