Phil Steele

Photographer and Instructor

Phil Steele is the founder of, one of the most popular photography training sites on the Internet.

Phil's photos have appeared in books and magazines around the world. His photography training YouTube channel has over 1 million views, and his popular online photography websites draw millions of visitors per year.

Phil says:

In my own attempt to learn photography, I became frustrated by what I perceived as an "information gap." On the one hand, I found plenty of free information online, but it was unpredictable in quality and completely disorganized. Seeking it out and separating the gems from the junk simply became a waste of time.

On the other hand, there were some great courses created by professional photographers—but the prices were too often beyond my budget. And frankly, sometimes a great photographer is not necessarily a great teacher.

What I wanted was well-organized instruction, understandable to an amateur, presented in a logical sequence, by a good teacher, at a reasonable price.

And it just didn't seem to exist. I ended up learning the hard way, often the slow way and the expensive way, buying books, online courses, seminars, DVD courses, everything I could get my hands on. And of course I spent a lot of years with the camera in my hands learning by making mistakes.

Then one day, after absorbing all the knowledge I could find and shooting for nearly a decade—I suddenly realized that I was now in a position to create the training that I had always wished existed!

The result is this series of courses. I want to give you the training that I always wished I could find.

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