Dr. Phillip Osmond Clark

Nutritional Doctor and Consultant

Some people seem destined from an early age to follow a particular career path. Phillip Osmond Clark is one of those individuals. As the Son of a Nutritionist Mother and Gardener Father, Phillip was exposed to Natural Food and Nature throughout his early years.

While he appreciated Nature, and did during his teen years assist his Father in the gardens of Blenheim Palace, Phillip eventually decided to follow in his Mother's Footsteps.

After obtaining his medical degree, Phillip lectured throughout England, at venues large, small, attempting to raise Public consciousness on the relation between diet and health.

After one of these lectures, a man from the audience approached Phillip to thank him for his presentation. That man was a Swiss Industrialist; who, like Phillip, had a passionate interest in the Food/Health connection.

This random event, was to become a turning point in Phillip Osmond Clark's life and career. The Industrialist invited Phillip to develop a nutritional program for himself and his business.

This, inevitably led to further consulting offers, as news of Phillips ideas and expertise spread.

Today, Phillip Osmond Clark continues to lecture, consult and develop nutritional programs, not only for private individuals but for companies, hospitals and orphanages.

His book “Retro Health – Paleo Nutrition Ninjas”, the first in a series, is now the object of a bidding war between Major New York Publishing Houses. Which means, we should expect it soon.