Mr Phan Hoàng Anh

Engineer at Automation

- Phan Hoang Anh (or Mr. Robot on Youtube)

- Project Leader of the program Robot for everyone  in Vietnam

- Desiring to make robotics become a hobby of Vietnamese children. And hoping that in the future, what they build is automatic factory, complex robots, which is working for human kind.

-Chief organizer of RoboCup 2016 - Robot Soccer playground for junior and senior high students

- Advising students achieve more than 50 awards in the competition National Technical Sciences.

- A trainer in Techmaster Robot Team Hanoi, Fablab, Giang Vo Secondary, Star Primary School.

- A lecture at the online course of Edumall, namely Robotics basic - Making robot bluetooth.

- Producing more than 600 videos on robotics guide in my Youtube channel 

- Professionals in the field of robotics training in Vietnam

- Technology consulting for a number of teams in the Robocon and some other school-level robotics competition of the Hanoi College of Refrigeration, Transport University, Hanoi University of Technology.

- Consulting and co-guide for students of the Polytechnic, University of FPT done graduation thesis.

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