Petter Hedberg

Wetland Scientist and Environmental consultant

I am a Swedish wetland scientist, and environmental consultant with several first-author publications in peatland restoration. I will defending a PhD-thesis on the topic in early 2014. My research focus is the effects on functional diversity during peatland restoration, and how this can help in tailor restoration projects. I regularly act as a reviewer for scientific journals, and have experience in teaching peatland restoration.

Peer reviewed publications

HEDBERG, P., KOZUB, Ł. & KOTOWSKI, W. 2013. Functional diversity analysis helps to identify filters affecting community assembly after fen restoration by top-soil removal and hay-transfer. Journal for Nature Conservation.

HEDBERG, P., SAETRE, P., SUNDBERG, S., RYDIN, H. & KOTOWSKI, W. 2013. A functional trait approach to fen restoration analysis. Applied Vegetation Science, 16, 658-666.

HEDBERG, P., KOTOWSKI, W., SAETRE, P., MÄLSON, K., RYDIN, H. & SUNDBERG, S. 2012. Vegetation recovery after multiple-site experimental fen restorations. Biological Conservation, 147, 60-67.

HEDBERG, P. & KOTOWSKI, W. 2010. New nature by sowing? The current state of species introduction in grassland restoration, and the road ahead. Journal for Nature Conservation, 18, 304–308.

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