Peter Vink

Registered Nurse and Clinical Epidemiologist (PhD-student)

My name is Peter Vink and I am a registered nurse and PhD-student at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam.

As a nurse I've always been interested in innovation and quality improvement by scientific research, especially for everyday nursing treatment. For this reason I started the master education in Evidence Based Practice at the University of Amsterdam in 2011. This study, educating me as a clinical epidemiologist, combined with my work on the neurology/neurosurgery ward provides me with the means to make a change in nursing as we know it. Though I thoroughly enjoy doing research, I will remain a nurse by heart. In my PhD-thesis my focus will therefore always be on improving nursing skills and care with scientific research.

While I am constantly improving my own skills and knowledge as a nurse and researcher, I also aim to improve the skills and knowledge of others. I have therefore given several workshops and classes in the Netherlands to educate other nurses about Evidence Based Practice and measuring pain in patients with conscious disorders. Now I wish to expand that with my courses on Udemy.