Peter Thorsteinson

Software Developer and Trainer

I am certified to teach Visual Studio based Microsoft Courses (MOC) as well as many other non-Microsoft courses. I teach the following topics:

    ·Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs

    ·Android development

    ·C++, C#, Java, Python 3

    ·ASP.NET MVC, WCF, and WPF

    ·HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

    ·LINQ, and .NET Entity Framework

    ·Windows Azure APIs

    ·Win8 development (C++, C#, and WinJS)

    ·Cryptography and Security APIs


    ·.NET Architecture and Programming Using Visual C++ (Prentice Hall)

    ·Application Development Using Visual Basic and .NET (Prentice Hall)

    ·.NET Cryptography and Security (Addison Wesley)

    ·Visual C# .NET: Introduction for Developers (Course book for Element K)

    ·Visual C# .NET Advanced (Course book for Element K)

    ·Visual C++ 6.0: Desktop Application Development with MFC (Element K)

    ·Visual C++ 6.0: Desktop and Distributed App Dev Platform SDK (Element K)

    ·Visual C++ 6.0: Desktop and Distributed App Dev with COM (Element K)