Peter Sefton

Data Analyst at Udemy

Hi there! I'm Peter and work here at Udemy on the Growth team. I am focused on data analytics for the growth marketing team.

I graduated from Stanford University and started working at Udemy in the Summer of 2013. I initially came in as a support team member for the Instructor team. I helped instructors as they went through all stages of thinking about, creating and managing their courses. Since the Udemy team was quite small (~35 people) everyone was responsible for taking ownership of their part of the business and making sure that things were running smoothly.

A very important quality of the company is being data driven and empowering all employees to parse and use the companies database to get and track the information that he/she needs. This is why and how I learned SQL. I did not know anything about databases or querying languages before starting at Udemy, but was able to learn quickly by being curious and working with my colleague and co-instructor, David Kim.

I am hoping to share the knowledge and skills that I have learned on the front line here at Udemy with anyone interested!

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