Pete P.

Online Entrepreneur & Subscription Empire Builder!

Owner & Host of the Subscription Empire Builders & Podcast

My journey in online entrepreneurship all began in college when I was trying to scrape together extra cash to get me by through school. This led be down a path of affiliate marketing and being paid commission for promoting other people products. Things we're looking great! I was making $5-10K per month on auto-pilot, until the Google SEO crash happened and I lost it all...

I took what money I had left and decided to start my own physical products business, which eventually led to becoming a best seller on Amazon & Walmart. I thought to myself at that time, "Why promote other people's products when I can create my own?" So I set out on a journey of sourcing and creating my own line of products, which today is still successful!

However one day everything changed. It was a normal Saturday morning, I had just opened up my mailbox to check for the mail and saw this box. Asking my girlfriend what it was, she informed me that it was a makeup subscription box. She would pay $10 a month and they would send her a bunch of samples. It was as if I was struck by a bolt of lightning at that very moment.

Not only are the subscription box companies hugely sustainable, but they are valued at 10x because of the predictable revenue. So I looked deep into my passions and created a subscription box around that. And the rest is as they say...history

Finding great success with my subscription box business, I finally decided that I wanted to teach others about this amazing opportunity to create a sustainable business around their passions. And that is when the Subscription Empire Builder was formed! To teach both new and experienced subscription box business owners strategies that can help them scale their subscribers month after month. 

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