Peter Fajemisin

Software Consultant and Trainer

I am an Agile Java developer with over 10 years experience of developing a wide variety of enterprise applications.

I have a passion for learning technology and I actively follow and participate in many technology communities.

Technical Expertise includes: Design Patterns, Scrum, XP, JavaEE, Spring, Maven, Ant, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Oracle, MSSQL, Query Optimization, JPA, Hibernate, Spring, JavaEE, Wicket, JSF, Struts, Mockito, JBPM, Drools, Comet, SOA, REST, Web Services, F5 Load Balancer, JQuery, Ajax, Comet, Linux, Apache, Tomcat, JMeter, JProfiler, Adobe Day CQ, Jenkins, Git, Subversion, Ehcache and Terracotta, Selenium.

As a software trainer, I strongly believe in simplicity and pragmatism, I will not bore you with hours of lectures and I will keep each topic focussed and to the point.

To take a quote from Albert Einstein “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." To make sure you learn:

I will keep it simple stupid

I will only teach you what you need to know

So please have an open mind and allow me to take you on a learning journey.

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