Peter Clark


Peter Clark spent his working life in engineering and now enjoys a life writing books on wide variety of subjects, including travel and quiz books.

He is also involved in writing and producing educational courses.

Born in the United Kingdom in a heavy engineering area famous for producing chains, cables, tube, steel and steel products, motor vehicles and trains to name just a few products locally produced meant it was almost inevitable to be active in engineering.

Engineering being an international industry, provided opportunity to travel including the middle and far east, Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and the US. Experience gained travelling has proven to be invaluable in his writing and creating activities. Engineering is more about writing, than using spanners and testing equipment. Every activity requires a report to be written about it. This provided years of writing experience in styles appropriate for the intended reader, writing became second nature.

A keen musician from an early age, saw him performing in a variety of bands during his teenage years. Forty years on he still plays guitar (badly) for his own pleasure.

His love of cycling is enjoyed, much more in the Mediterranean area in which he lives now than was possible in the UK, which is often cold and wet. Months of dry weather are perfect for cycling. His other love for photography is enjoyed while cycling and walking among the rugged dry landscapes.

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