Peter Tomley


Peter Tomley obtained a Bachelor of Arts with 'Honours' in Human Movement Studies in 1989 from The South Glamorgan Institute in Cardiff. One year later he qualified as a Physical Education Teacher from Cardiff University. He has taught Physical Education for over 20 years and has coached Rugby Union, Cricket, Athletics, Basketball and Association Football. He spent 2 summers working as a soccer coach in Kansas City, Missouri.

From 2005, Peter has focussed on the FUNdamentals of Movement Skills in young children from the age of 4 years old. He has worked with Advanced Skills Teachers, Head Teachers and class teachers to improve the Gross and Fine Motor Skills and confidence of young children. His work has been showcased at PE conferences and has been used by School Sports Partnerships in England to provide training to Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Sports Coaches.

His innovative approach to improving standards in handwriting has helped transform the lives of many children who previously struggled to produce work that can be read easily. His work in parts of the UK is in demand from highly qualified and respected professional Head Teachers

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