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Growing Health in rural communities in the developing world

Peter Montgomery - Educated in the UK, Peter emigrated to Canada in 1974. Further education included Business Administration at Seneca College, Communications at Ryerson University and Tyndale College in Toronto.  

He spent over  20 years in the Pharmaceutical industry being taught that the answer to all our ailments was the right pill. However, after discovering that everything we need to stay healthy can be provided by the food we eat, he started on a journey of discovery into growing organic food, nutrition and natural medicine. 

He now teaches this to poor communities in the developing world and also at a training centre in Kitale, Kenya. 

Dale Bolton was raised on a farm in southern Ontario, but then went into Chrisitan ministry. He worked with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) for many years until he became a pastor with the Vineyard Church where he served for 20 years. After visiting Malawi in 2005, he and his wife Linda were deeply moved by the number of orphans that were there and who were suffering ill health due to poor diet. 

10 years ago they started the organization Organics for Orphans to help address this problem. It has now evolved into an agricultural school in Kitale, Kenya that teaches the principles of Bio-intensove farming to hundreds of students every year. This experience help Dale bring a great deal of expertise to the sessions that he teaches in this course. 

Linda Bolton who is married to Dale trained as a nurse and due to her exceptional skills soon became a director of nursing in Ontario. In 2007 she discovered the effectiveness of Magnesium to the human body and started a company selling a magnesium supplement call "Natural Calm." This company rapidly became a success under Linda's leadership and she was voted one of the top female entrepreneurs in Canada in 2015. 

Her experience in nursing and natural health gives her a vast array of knowledge which she brings to the teaching sessions in this course. 

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