Pete Barter

Education Expert

CEO and Founder, if ETI_Education Through Inspiration.

A successful businessman and an experienced and professional drummer who has been actively playing in bands since the age of 12 and teaching since the age of 15. He's toured nationally and internationally with various bands / acts and educates drummers of all ages from 5 to 82, in one on one and group workshops…

Pete seeks education, guidance and inspiration from his mentors, including Mark Schulman (Pink), Terepai Richmond (Guy Sebastian), Pete Drummond (Dragon) and Darren Farrugia (Hey Hey its Saturday session drummer). He has strong positive values and aims to influence and excite students towards making their instrument of choice a life passion. His passion for music and training is infectious. He focuses on ensuring students carry the torch of inspiration forward and pass their passion and enthusiasm onto others. When not working on ETI or playing the drums Pete provides inspiration to his 3 boys.

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