Per K Johansen

Life time as Entrepreneur

Fluied German and English, Spanish, first language Danish, When i was 10 years old i was a newspaper boy, at the age of 12 years i began cleaning the windows for people in the local town, and it ended up in 1984 Founder of a cleaning company for the industri, sold 1991, 1986 PG AUTO selling cars, 1994 PERKRAMER SWEISSTECHNIK development applications for the welding industri, agency of CLOOS ROBOTS, developer of PERKRAMER LAMPS, 2004 -2008 starting up PANASONIC WELDING ROBOTS in Denmark for VALK WELDING, 2006 AUTO AND BOAT TRADING  --- 25 years as a front figure in strategic and B2B sales-- Education; 1984-1988 Mechanic, 1990-1994 Tool maker, operator Steel and plast processing. Welding technician in: MIG-MAG, TIG-WIG, steel, stanless steel, Aluminium, 2002 Operator, maintence robots, 2005-2009 microsoft all programs, SOLIDWORKS 3D + more, 2014 PADI instructor and professional diver with more than 3000 dives and 15 years of expierience in diving, now working in Mexico. Other Educations : instructor Tennis, 30 years experience in tennis, instructor snowboard and ski, 20 years of experience, instructor Karate 6 years experience. 2015 Founder of : Per KJ Stories, PKJ DEVELOP 


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