Pepper Carlson, C.Ht.

Empowerment Engineering Coach, Certified Hpynotherapist

Pepper Carlson, C.Ht. Founder of Subconscious Harmony and the Empowerment Engineering Program. Carlson is a Creative Visionary and Author of The Karma Chronicles Part 1 Hadrian's Seal, 2017 Balboa Press.  A Certified Hypnotherapist and Empowerment Engineering Success Coach, when not at her writing desk she is working with clients to help them release karmic debris and become empowerment engineers of their own lives. Carlson started her professional career as a branded content Producer and now teaches people to treat themselves as a brand worth advertising.  A long time volunteer as a tutor for School on Wheels she also works daily to defend her 2012 title as a Good News Ambassador for the Good News Network, an honor granted to individuals who work to improve society and demonstrate notable goodwill towards others. The former New Yorker is based in Los Angeles and lives by the ocean with her fiancĂ© and their dog, Sir Henry Hudson.

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