Penny Zenker

Strategic Business Coach, Author, Productivity Accelerator

Entrepreneurs and executives seek the coaching of Penny Zenker; a certified business coach (ACC, PCCP), seasoned executive and entrepreneur, to take their business and personal lives to new heights of achievement.

Penny is one of the very few business and entrepreneurial coaches that merges her own high level personal business success with extraordinary coaching skills to offer highly motivated individuals an exceptional resource. Penny brings you back to a core strategic focus and aligns strategies and tactics. 

Throughout her career, Penny has applied human psyche and behavior studies to business management. Her studies and application include traditional coaching methods from the International Coaching Academy, plus NLP, hypnotherapy, painting therapy and Marshall Rosenberg’s non-violent communication, among others. She was ranked as one of the top coaches at Business Breakthroughs International, A Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes company.

Penny is a vibrant and dynamic individual. In her spare time, she enjoys mountain biking, hiking, camping and skiing.

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