Peng-Liang Wang

Software Engineer and eBay seller

I was born and grew up in China and moved to California 20 years ago. I studied computer science at California State University, Sacramento. My professional work history was mostly software development. I participated in many software development projects, including network management, web application, and stand-alone desktop application. Designing and implementing user-friendly interfaces and efficient back-end algorithms were always my highest priority.

I began selling on eBay in 2012, initially as a side-job. I did pretty well because of my computer science background and developed Python scripts to automate eBay listing work. I learned about eBay drop-shipping in 2015. I quickly realized that I needed a software to automate the work of creating drop-shipping listings and doing inventory management. I developed the software, dsLister, initially for myself but noticed that such software was also desired by many eBay drop-shipping sellers. So I spent most of my time to develop the software to make it available to those sellers.

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