Penelope Heinigk

Living Minds

After receiving my Ph.D. from the University of Oregon in 2001, I began my career teaching 7th and 8th grade Language Arts in a gifted middle school program in the Denver metro area. I taught for four years, and after taking 2 years off with my daughter, came back to the same school district as a Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher, where I assist with identification and instructional programming for gifted students, conduct professional development for teachers, and help parents navigate the system.

Another part of my job consists of creating and facilitating online courses for teachers. This is where I developed my passion for online teaching and learning. In 2009 I became an adjunct instructor with Adams State University, where I have developed and facilitate several graduate level courses on various topics of gifted education.

In addition to my day jobs, I also do educational consulting on the side. I conduct cognitive assessments, facilitate parents groups, teach classes, advocate for students, help parents navigate educational pathways and present at conferences.

Even though I have had a rich plethora of professional experiences, my greatest teacher has been my own daughter. Highly gifted and infinitely complex, my journey with her has taught me more about the gifted than anything else.