Penny Mallinson & Sue Coyne

Transformational Coach and Facilitator

Penny Mallinson and Sue Coyne from Connectiveness draw on their wealth of experience from business, public sector, NFP's, coaching, psychology, body and energy work to professionally deliver powerful, experiential work. Offering expert guidance and full support, so that everyone gets the most out of this work.

Penny is highly trained in body and energy work and as a transformational visionary coach and has pracising for 20 years, she is an experienced facilitator in this field. Following a successful business career she is now a Director of various NFP's involved in the area of self-development and education. and works with organisations internationally as well as with groups and individuals.

Sue has been a practising leadership and team coach since selling her business in 2003. She is also a qualified masseuse and has been involved in various types of body and energy work over the last 10 years.

They work with organisations internationally, as well as groups, teams and one to one; delivering workshops, masterclasses, individual sessions and on-line-programmes.

A few things that people have said:

"I feel so much more alive, energized and back to my full power. My limiting beliefs have gone"

“I loved the deepness and clarity and authenticity of your work. You could tell that you embody what you teach. You had a grounding presence and passion. Thank you for your care, sensitivity, wisdom and generosity."

“You were inspirational, supportive, totally authentic and courageous."

“Passionate, great fun to be with and dive into new territory to unleash the potential that waits for us there." Soleira Green

We are really excited to be sharing this with you.

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