Paul Cerco

Travel Expert, Writer & World Explorer

Hi, I am Paul — avid traveler, writer and explorer.

I traveled extensively around Europe and Asia, lived and participated in various international projects in Italy, Sweden, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia and others. I am eager to share what I've learned while being on the road for the last few years.

There are many valuable lessons I can share with those who want to travel more and spend less, seek new experiences and live in a more unconventional way.

I've always wanted to be adventurous and creative in my own way and this unwillingness to conform led me to discovering interesting alternatives.

There are various help exchange programs and sponsorship programs which everyone can take advantage of and do amazing things without spending almost any money at all. I lived across continents being sponsored by local governments, communities and individuals to do amazing things — from working on my business ideas in Italy and Sweden to studying meditation in Taiwan and Thailand.