Paul Ellsworth

Online Educator

Paul Ellsworth is a teacher in Tennessee. He used to stick to the text book and stress about lesson plans.

Now, after years of working with many people in different walks of life, he has learned that everyone has dreams and goals.

Paul's teaching experience began in Mexico where he was thrown into many teaching positions including a prison Bible/support group and an after school ESL program. Paul worked in all kinds of teaching positions in Mexico for 4 years.

Later, Paul came back to the United States and taught ESL in downtown Nashville, TN. Again, after talking to his students, he learned that everyone has a dream.

Now Paul teaches Spanish at a high school in the Nashville area. He has been teaching high school for three years.

Paul has a BS in Education from Liberty University, but his true expertise comes from years in hands-on experience.

Paul's mission is to help others find a strong connection with God their creator. He aids others in finding their God-given dreams and helps them act on those dreams.

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