Julie Dobson

Instructor for quick & easy Roman Shades and Blinds

Window Treatments expert & Digital Video Producer

Sewing Secrets from the experts!

As an experienced Window Furnishing expert and Digital Production Company we integrated our talents to bring you the most informed, easy-to-follow instructions on super quick Window Treatments!

Would you like a home full of professional-style, expensive-looking Fabric Window Shades? Want to save on average $500 per window and discover a skill which can earn you $

Are you fed up with ordinary looking windows or drab looking curtains and want to learn something with Udemy that you can then earn a living from?

Do you want to know how the experts do all of this and make a really good living?

If this sounds like you, then enrol now and you can start saving and making money right now!

EasyPro Blinds

We're a Husband and Wife team who Started EasyPro Blinds back in 2011. Having turned a number of our own investment properties around, we knew the value of home-staging properties and one of the most successful 'tricks' to making money on property was to dress the house professionally and the windows specifically!!

Professional Window Shades cost upto £650 (or $500), which would break the budget on a whole house...

Instead of paying this we enrolled on an expensive adult-education course spanning many weeks to learn the tips and tricks professionals use so we could furnish our own homes and make a profit.

Everything we learned went into the course, and was refined down into 10 really bit-size chunks which can be learned in just 15 minutes. All the long-winded steps and time consuming elements have been reworked into simple icons which appear throughout the course to help you.

In addition, we developed our own calculator for measuring the gaps for any window which comes free with the course. In 2014, we introduced our own product range of easy-to-fit 'breakaway safety devices and brackets to use on your roman shades.

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