Paul Morrissey

Udemy learning junkie, instructor and total Geek!

Hi Everyone! 

My name is Paul and I'm a Udemy learning junkie.  I found Udemy in late 2015 and by mid 2016 created my very first Udemy course and officially became a Udemy instructor.  I'm a total Geek and find it hard to sit around and do nothing - building Udemy courses is just one of the various projects I find myself doing in my spare time.  It takes a lot more work than I expected to build a course but I have found I really do enjoy it.   

My goal on Udemy is to rank among the top instructors within the first 3 years.  This is ambitious and will take a lot of work.  It's also something I can't do on my own: only with the feedback and support of my students will I stand any chance of making this happen.  

Academic Background

My undergrad degree was in Aerospace Engineering (MEng).  During this I found I was far more interested in the mathematics and programming than Engineering so I did a masters degree in Pure Mathematics (MSc) and a PhD in Computer Science (Cryptography).  After finishing my PhD I started working as an Actuary and I have just finished the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) fellowship qualification (FIA). 

Coding and Teaching Related Experience

My first encounter with coding was when I learnt Fortran as an engineering undergrad.  Later when working on undergrad and MSc projects I learnt to code in Matlab (using m-files) and then in C.  

My coding skills only really took off though when I working on my PhD.  The computer science department I was in only used Linux - I quickly had to learn use Linux operating systems, shell scripting and teach myself C++.  It was here where I learn object orientated coding techniques and built some very complex and fast code (mostly for integer factorization).     

When working in Actuarial related roles I have had to master Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and C#.  In my current role as Actuarial Systems Technical Lead for a major UK Insurer I mainly deal in VBA and C# code.  In addition I take care of the Actuarial Infrastructure and various modelling platforms.  

I started out teaching when some work friends noticed me coding in VBA and asked me to teach them.  I said okay and my first attempt was a series of informal emails with links, a list of topics to cover and exercises to enforce the concepts.  This gradually grew into a website of it's own and later into full blown Udemy courses.  In addition I provide actuarial system training internally as part of my day job (it's wide and varied!).   

Outside of Work

For a number of years I have spent my free time studying for the IFoA fellowship exams.  Now that these are done I find myself spending more time learning other things (coding, foreign languages - learning German at the moment).  I keep myself in shape with regular trips to the gym to lift weights and running.  

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