Paul Wieser

Management Consultant and Agile Practitioner

Paul is an engaging and seasoned management consultant who is committed to helping his peers and clients play and work at the top of their game.

Schooled in universities in Austria, his home country, Paul is a certified Project Manager, ITIL Practitioner and Agile Scrum Master. For more than 20 years, Paul has traveled and worked in Europe, Asia and the two Americas. Most recently, he held program manager and director-level roles in North American consulting and education companies. Paul currently works as a Program Manager on assignment with McGraw-Hill Education.

Paul believes that we need to develop and hone skills that allow us to effectively compete in today's ever-faster changing jobs and integrate that capability into a life that is more fulfilling and feels more stable than it does for many of us today. It is that belief that is driving his desire to help all of us experience and master new techniques that integrate proven tools with newly emerging approaches and findings from areas in business and others that just seem to work in today's environment.

In particular, Paul believes that the Agile movement, born in the quick-paced world of software application development, holds vast promise outside of IT and for many people who find it more and more difficult to not just keep up but to find a new sense of control and meaning in their work and everyday life.