Patrick Richard

Marketing Executive, Career Guide, Entrepreneur

Patrick Richard has been a Huffington Post career writer; he is also the founder of the ShinyNeedle online job platform. Mr. Richard currently works as a marketing executive, and has been a guest speaker with the American Marketing Association, and Chicago Healthcare Technology 2.0 association. He has been a guest writer for several career recruiting blogs such as TLNT. Before ShinyNeedle he also created an online job recruitment platform for college student athletes that was mentioned on ESPN. He continues to consult on personal branding, career development, and new strategies to get hired along with his marketing executive career.

Mr. Richard's career has consisted of several successful career changes as well. He started his career as a web designer for an online start-up. He then moved into the field of multimedia design, which lead to being a digital product analyst and creative director in the Fortune 500 company market. This all culminated in becoming a marketing executive with a focus on several components of strategy ranging from business strategy to digital. His unique experiences have allowed him to help many people elevate their career, or make strategic career changes. He continues to educate and share his experiences with his live speaking engagements.