Patrick Hatt

Amazon author, social media and health nut

Patrick Hatt can be found in the East Coast of Canada. He hates writing these things but doesn't mind talking in the third person. He dabbles in a little of this and a little of that, not afraid to attempt something new.

He is owned by two cats, one of whom has his own blog, It's Rhyme Time. Yeah a rhyming cat, who knew? He would be considered a both person when it comes to cats and dogs.

He is also quite the movie and TV buff. As you can probably tell does not take himself seriously and has more stuff in his head than is needed. Thus creating courses such as Platform Yourself.

With a blog that has over 2000 followers and nearly 3,500,000 pageviews, a twitter account with over 60,000 followers, 117 published written works, and experience in affiliate marketing, he felt he has the knowledge to make a great course or two and share.

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