Patroys De Paz

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Social Media Innovator


Throughout my career as an entrepreneur in Usana Health Sciences, it totally changed my entire life, and after building my own successful marketing business from nothing other than my own dreams, desire, and drive, I want to share my entrepreneurial experience with other Generation Y just starting their careers. With college graduates continuing to be challenged finding good and satisfying jobs today – jobs with a real future toward financial freedom –I want to give other Gen Y a glimpse of hope that they, too, can build their own successful and exciting professional lives through entrepreneurship.

I grew up in Australia but i graduated high school in Asia and studied there for a year and i decided to come back here Perth, now in my past few years i have been traveling around the world, always twice a year, to enhance my capability in dealing with other people, learning different strategies in business and the last but not the least, to get out of my comfort zone, to surpass my limits.

i am very passionate in teaching other people of all the things that i know, because i believe that if i am not making anybody else's life better, then i am wasting my time, so that is why i have read a lot of books, i have talked to a lot of success people and noted all their advice and done a lot of research in different varieties, but the knowledge that i would love to share is how your dreams and desire get lead you places you never been and bring you to the places always wanted to be,

Now that the technology is grow so fast, i also would like to share all my knowledge to all the people that would like to learn more in becoming a success person and maintaining it, so you too could all also live a prosperous life.

i always believe that time is gold and i could guarantee you that all the information and knowledge you will learn will not only give you a living, but will also give you a fortune,