Patrick Körting

#NEWSPRT: Marketing Architect & Business Developer

I am the founder of #NEWSPRT. #NEWSPRT is a project & lifestyle brand that puts people in touch with personal development topics. The target group is mainly between 25 and 40. NEWSPRT PUBLISHING is searching for suitable coaches to offer their digital products to the #NEWSPRT community and an even broader audience.


The only difference is that we don´t sign pretty artist, send them to a studio and release a hit singles on Itunes… We sign smart personal development coaches to help them to produce online courses, e-books and webinars to distribute them on worldwide e-learning platforms or tailored technical solutions.Pretty easy & straightforward.


My background is the international music industry. Project management was one of my first fields of responsibility. Later on I started to book artists and took over some parts of radio, print and TV promotion. In the end marketing became my business.

My obsession for planing & structure plus my approach to solve issues by getting a vast overview before getting into details led me to a new idea: Founding my own company – a digital business consultancy. One of our first clients was a “flirt coach”. We took over his management, published a bestselling book together with RandomHouse publishing and initiated a DVD production. (YES, in this time DVDs were selling…) My experiences as founder & CEO gave me deep insights into the brought spectrum of online marketing & process optimizing for different clients.

By the age of 23, shortly before I started my company I became a dad. I decided to take coaching sessions to handle this new and complex situation. I was simply astonished by the result of the coaching experiences. Ever since coaching is a very important part of my life. I am fascinated by tons of exciting topics like NLP, body language, sacred geometry, alternative medicine and love to hear the ideas of big minds like Osho, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch or Bruce Lipton.

2014 i was assigned to proceed a global switch of a European corporation with 10 employees to a new ERP-Software. Teaching the employees how to work with the new system was the most ambitious and also most underestimated part of the whole project. This circumstance made me create my first online video course to teach people how to use this software. There was a key moment when I was working at a trade show in Munich. I remember that I earned double the amount with my (video on demand) ERP software course in this 3 days than i got payed for the hard work on the trade show.  This was the first time i saw the massive leverage of digital products sold on a worldwide platform.  All factors that seemed so relevant over the past years suddenly became irrelevant: time, location and personal capacity. From this day on I was fascinated by digital products.

#NEWSPRT PUBLISHING combines all of these interests and talents to provide support for professional coaches to create/produce digital products and market/distribute them worldwide.

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