Patrice Cledo

Software Development Expert, Computer Science Engineer

Patrice has started writing his first code since he was in high school. Since then Patrice has developed an enthusiasm and passion for programming which leads him to get his Bachelor degree in Computer Science in 2009. He embraced that field because he found freedom and an open world to give birth to his creativities. He always consider himself as a creator and a true citizen of the programming world.

Patrice is now Senior Developer and System Information Manager in a reputable corporate enterprise in the US. In his former jobs, Patrice used to wear multiple hats: some time, he operates as a mobile application developer or a dot NET Developer and the other times as a project manager. He can be considered also as a Business owner. He is the Founder and CIO of IT Canyon, Inc. a startup company in the IT world.

Patrice wants to make a difference in the way people conceive online education by bringing his aptitude to explain difficult concepts in a simple way.

Courses that Patrice Cledo is enrolled in