Pat B. Freeman

Professional Speaker, Trainer, Personal Coach

Pat B. Freeman is an inspirational speaker, trainer, and coach, aka: The Dream Builder. She offers leadership empowerment programs to professional and entrepreneur-minded women and others who want to follow your passion, build your dream career, and live with purpose and fulfillment. Her purpose is to provide the process, tools, and resources to turn your Passion into Profits. "Confident Speaker Training" is one of Pat's signature programs for business and career success.

Pat is also an author, serial entrepreneur, and former educator with over 20 years experience as a director of Adult Education in the community college system, where she was responsible for over 125 faculty and staff and served approximately 3500 students annually. Pat is the founder of Pat B. Freeman LLC, a speaking and training company that provide programs to empower women to thrive personally and professionally.

Freeman began speaking in front of audiences in 2nd grade when she recited a poem (The Creation) before the entire student body, faculty, and staff in the courtyard of her elementary school. "I remember thinking, as though it were yesterday, that I didn’t need to be afraid because I had prepared for the performance and, if I made a mistake, no one would know it if I didn’t show it. I gave it everything I had, and then some. From that day forward, I was invited to speak at local churches, family functions, and community events," she recalls. Pat has hosted events and spoken at local, state, and national conferences.

Pat earned her A.A. degree in Theatre from Columbia College, a B.A. degree in Theatre from Florida State University, and a Masters’ degree in Educational Administration from Campbell University. Pat also received post-graduate studies in Mass Communication (Broadcast Journalism) at California State University (Fullerton) and pursued doctoral studies in Leadership and Management at the University of Phoenix. She is a John Maxwell certified speaker and coach, a Certified Program Planner with LERN, and is Lean Six Sigma certified (Yellow Belt).

Pat resides in Greensboro, NC and is the mother of two sons, Sterling and Styles.

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