Paola Gallinaro

Online Tutor & Primary/ Secondary Teacher of Italian

Hi, I am Paula, or Paola, if you can keep up with the Italian vowels ;-)

I have been teaching for more than 16 years foreign languages, particularly Italian. I was actually born in Italy and moved to Perth, Australia around 14 years ago. In Italy I was teaching English to Italian students. Ever since in Australia, I have been working as a L.O.T.E. (Languages Other Than English) teacher in public and private schools. My expertise in Language teaching extends from Kindergarten to Adult Education. Since school keeps me busy, I am gradually passing my after-school tutoring business to my daughter who has become a perfect bilingual :-) While I was training her to become a great tutor in Italian, I realized that I can upload my skills, teaching strategies, lesson plans and resources online and help other people to become inspiring language teachers.


Pre-Primary & PrimaryTeaching Training School degree - Italy

Double degree in Secondary Education (L.O.T.E.) and Gender & Cultural Studies - Western Australia

Extensive experience in teaching children a language (including my own) - Italy, Australia

I worked for 2 years in Computer graphics, a field that still fascinates me

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