Panos Platritis

Dietitian-Nutritionist with expertise in fitness ,Author

Panos is a well known Dietitian-Nutritionist with expertise in exercise and fitness.

He is  an active member of  Cyprus dietetic and nutrition association (cydna).He holds Diplomas recognized by the International  Federation   of  body building (IFBB) .Panos is a member of the ESPEN and CySPEN, (European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism).

He is the author of 4 nutrition books  ( Nutrition IQ, 130+1 Q & A about nutrition,exercise and psychology) , Healthy cooking with your dietitian & Life is about moments.Panos is partner and coordinator of Cyprus institute of psychotherapy .He participates in several tv shows and magazines in Greece and Cyprus.

He have been working with sports  teams (volley ball,soccer,MMA, Cross-fit) more than 5 years. He works in his private clinic in Cyprus and as a teacher in Cyprus institute of psychotherapy.

He is the co-founder of weight support groups with more than 3 000 participants.

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