Pádraic Ó Máille

The Attitude Guy.

Way back in 1988 I heard a speaker address my local chapter of Jaycees International on the subject of Time Management. I was blown away at the idea that your results in business and life are largely determined by how you use your time.

After his lecture I casually mentioned to him that I'd love to teach time management techniques just like him. His reply would change the entire course of my life.

'What's stopping you?'

Of course I had dozens of reasons, not least that I was involved in my family business and that my Mother wanted me to continue this on to a third generation, and that frankly, I had no background or qualification in training or speaking.

Yet again, his reply was abrupt and direct.

'It's your choice.'

And for the first time in my life I realized you do always have a choice. And difficult as it was at the time, I choose to leave the family business and study the best time management material in the world. I connected with the top guru's on the planet from Stephen Covey to Brian Tracy to Tony Robbins to Bob Proctor to Dan Stamp. And I succeeded in creating what I thought was a wonderful course and I couldn't wait to unleash it on people who wanted to get better results.

The only problem was, whilst people loved the course, it failed miserably to change their lives in any significant way.

One day in desperation, I was watching my kids play football in our back garden. There was a largish rock in the center of the garden that was hampering their efforts to get a decent game going. Most adults would have given up and tried something else. Not kids with a burning desire however.

After failing a number of times to shift the rock with their combined strength it occurred to the youngest of them to try leveraging the rock with a long stick. The thing was he was unable to get any purchase. His brother then placed a smaller stone under the stick close to the boulder and with this they they began for the first time to budge the rock. It wasn't enough to move it however. They then recruited the services of one of their bigger friends to lean on the end of the stick and hey presto, the rock moved.

Out of the blue, I discovered the three components for getting the results you want in any area of your life.

1. You need a Burning Desire. We all have wishes but wishes are weak and wimpish and lack potency. Those kids had a burning desire to move that rock.

2. You need a Fulcrum to enable leverage to happen. Interestingly this fulcrum is also a mindset or an attitude. It's called Discipline. When you think about it nothing happens in life without Discipline. Babies know this instinctively. Otherwise no one would ever walk or talk or tie their shoe. And the great thing about Discipline is that you only need it for a short time until such time as the discipline becomes a habit.

3. You need Leverage. I learned six different levers that all truly productive people use.

By combining these three simple mindsets I began to generate awesome results for my clients. In the intervening time I have helped thousands of people to Feel Better; Look Better; Earn Better; and Perform Better. Many have gone on to lead their countries; their organizations; play sport at the highest international level; but most of all, to realize more of their potential, and in the process live lives of success and substance and significance.

If, like me, you've been frustrated with your results, and yet you're still ambitious to be and do and have more, then this course is a great beginning.

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